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    Migraine I Don’t Have Time For You!

    Photo by Anh Nguyen on UnsplashMigraines.  Who really has time for them?No one, Right!This morning, I woke up with a migraine and I had a lot of computer work to do. That is not a great combination, that's for sure! Since I have Celiac Disease, I am diligent to avoid anything that may cause a flare up or lead to a leaky gut.  This is why I learn toward natural therapies and prevention before reaching for a bottle of ibuprofen.Here's a little background on migraines and headaches to help you understand the best approaches to take to treat your headache and even prevent future occurrences.Common Headache TriggersA headache is a signaling…

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    My Primal Go To Essential Oil
    Lemon Essential Oil

    Essential Oils are rapidly gaining popularity.  You can find them for sale in grocery stores, online and through several network marketing companies.  When purchasing essential oils, always make sure of its quality.  You get what you pay for and cheap  and diluted essential oils will not give you the health benefits pure oils are known to have.So, how do essential oils play into the Primal Lifestyle?The Primal Lifestyle is a holistic approach to health.  It is not just about your diet and exercise, but also encompasses all the body's systems.  Any health technique that can help you maintain an optimally functioning system can be beneficial in the Primal Lifestyle.The holistic…