Behind the curtain… a little bit more about Don Overlander


Hey!  Glad to meet you, and very excited that you have clicked in here to find out a little more about the slightly manic person writing this blog!

So – a little background info on me is probably in order…  I was born back during the oil crisis (circa 1970), and grew up around Jacksonville, FL.  This may explain some of the quirks in my personality – but probably not as many as I could hope for!

After hopping around the country with a Naval air-crewman for a father (we got to see a LOT of interesting places!!) we ended up in the great white north know as Minnesota.  He got “in” with North Central airlines (became, Republic then merged with Northwest…KLM…eventually Delta) until he retired.  THIS was awesome for us kids… we got to travel EVERYWHERE – fly out to Boston for Lunch with dad = no problem.  Pick up a “first car” in Arizona = let’s go.  Right up until the airlines started trimming “ben-ies” and us kids lost a LOT of our flight privileges…. very sad.  This wouldn’t correct itself in our lives for another 19 years!?!

Fast forward through high-school (solid grades, top 10 , and all that – but ZERO social life and about as much self-worth by this time…) and I headed into college majoring in Pre-Med (Immunology)as a way to harness my intense introverted-ness in some financially optimal way.  I got VERY jaded on the whole Allopathic medicine scene, and eventually looked at Naturopathic colleges out on the west coast ($60K / year?!? nope…).  With that price scare I did what any rational 20-something would do… I bailed on college and pursued another interest of mine – computers!


I manged to find my way into Web/Software Development, and for the last 18 or so years, have spent my day-time hours “locked” in a closet under flourescent lighting, typing away on a keyboard until I could escape out into the approaching darkness – just in time to kiss my kids good-night.  That got really old, and one day – after my youngest daughter ripped my heart out with a “Good night papa… when do you think we could do something together?  I grew up a bunch, and can’t remember playing games with you…”  So I started looking for something “better”.

That is when I was introduced to a Network Marketing company that hit all my sweet-spots:   WorldVentures.  I have to tell you it brought back all the AWESOME that had been missing since KLMNW started cutting (and Delta effectively eliminated) flight benefits. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Since then I have taken my family on some amazing adventures, serveral international trips, and dramatically changed the way I see “time off” from my day J.O.B.

Unfortunately I have never been able to shake the Dragons that tear me up inside every time I try to “work the business” of Network Marketing.  I am certain that working with Mark J and the team at Training Solutions – actually WORKING through the information I have spent years reading but failing utterly to implement – things are going to change!

Look out 2015… we’re gonna be moving fast!

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