My Plugins List

My selection of plug-ins for WordPress blogging:

To make blogging easier:

Free or Freemium (because the blogging community ROCKS)

  • JetPack – just do it. It does NOT slow your site down and it comes packed with most of the “stuff” you will want anyhow (I replaced more than 8 plugins when I went BACK to using it.
  • Advanced Page Manager – If you publish more than 10 pages (not posts) you’ll want a better way to manage them.
  • Custom Sidebars – more refined control over the content of your sidebars. Trust me on this one…
  • Enhanced Media Library – Again, sorting, categorizing and filtering of your media library…why ISN’T this part of the default WordPress?!??
  • Google Analytics – Best freemium analytics dashboard out there. Formerly managed by Yoast.
  • Real Time Find and Replace – Trust me, there are WAY too many times you want to do this and “Editing PHP is awesome!!” is probably not in your vocabulary.


Paid (Becaue they are AWESOME)

  • TweetDis – probably the easiest (and sexiest) way to provide simple tweeting opportunities for your visitors.
  • PrettyLinks (Pro recommended)
  • Thrive Themes
    • Landing Pages (and visual editor) – Holy crap…this JUMPED my conversions, and reduced my effort, by magnitudes.
    • Leads – another option for making those pop-ups less annoying…
    • Clever Widgets – EVEN MORE targeted control over the content your visitors see – show them those irresistible opportunities at just the right time…
    • Ultimatum
    • Ovation
  • Pure Chat – bring that relationship with your visitors even closer with an opportunity to communicate directly – real-time!!