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Gluten-free Diet
A gluten-free diet is only one part of a healthy lifestyle. The Primal Lifestyle is a holistic approach to health. This means thinking about health as a big picture.
TAPASFORLIFE offers bite-sized, focused and elaborated online courses. You have the opportunity to discover various ways to improve your life, be it on a physical, mental, emotional, spiritual or even financial level. Pick one and enjoy it, when you're ready, or in combination, choose another one and try that one out.
Migraine I Don’t Have Time For You!
Photo by Anh Nguyen on UnsplashMigraines.  Who really has time for them?No one, Right!This morning, I woke up with a[...]
My Primal Go To Essential Oil
Lemon Essential Oil
Essential Oils are rapidly gaining popularity.  You can find them for sale in grocery stores, online and through several network[...]
How to Have a Successful Primal Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving is just around the corner!  Yay.  It is my favorite holiday.  You might ask why.  I love getting together[...]
6 Tips to Success in Transitioning to a New Dietary Lifestyle
In society today, there are so many different diets being pushed on us.  No matter which one you choose to[...]
Traveling Gluten Free and Grain Free, No Problem!
  6. Plan┬ámeals ahead of time and stick to the plan.   Recently my family had a dance competition t[...]
Paleo All Purpose Flour
  When people go grain free they may lament over not being able to have breads and bakery items any[...]
Gluten Free All Purpose Flour
  The first step in becoming gluten free is to get rid of gluten containing foods.  The most effective way[...]
Grain Free Baking Powder
Baking Powder, a simple baking ingredient, right?  We shall see. Numerous people with Celiac disease and gluten intolerance find they[...]