December 13

Gluten-free Paleo Bacon Mayo

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Cobb SaladI am currently testing out a meal plan for another blogger and it is paleo.  Some of the recipes use mayo and when my husband and I went to the store to buy some, we couldn’t find any without either soybean oil or canola oil. Both of these ingredients are not healthy for you in a variety of ways, so we chose to not purchase any.

We searched the internet for some homemade recipes and many used olive oil.  I am not against olive oil, but I am not fond of the flavor and in mayo it would definitely be tasted.  My husband found a recipe that uses half coconut oil and half olive oil.  On that site they had a recipe that used all bacon fat.  SO we decided to combine the recipes and make on with coconut oil and bacon fat.  I mean who doesn’t love the flavor of bacon, right!

It turned out amazing and we used it right away to make the egg salad portion of our Cobb Salad pictured above.  It was so good we made a double batch right away so we would have plenty on hand for the coming week.  I don’t thing I will ever purchase mayo from the store again.  It is super easy to make and tastes better than any store bought that I have had in the past.  The great thing is knowing all the ingredients that went into it and that it is naturally gluten free.


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