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Bella Vista Offers Great Gluten Free Options

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Many times as one who eats gluten free, eating out is not very exciting.  Most restaurants idea of gluten free is to strip the entrees of everything and serve an unseason meat and plain vegetables.  I can get more exciting than that at home, why would I pay for less than that somewhere else?  That is not the case at Bella Vista, located across the bridge in the historic Hastings, MN. Their Italian-style restaurant is abounding with fresh, quality ingredients to produce flavorful authentic Italian cuisine!

Bella Vista

My husband and I recently had a date night here and were pleasantly surprised when the co-owner, Jenn, said that almost everything on the menu could be made gluten free and all of there sauces were gluten free to begin with.  I knew we were in for a great treat after she said this.  We started our evening off with a few cocktails at the bar while we waited for our table to be available.  We had a very pleasant conversation with the bartenders, Maria and Adam.  That is the wonderful thing about Bella Vista, everyone we interacted with was happy to converse with us and they all seemed to believe in the owners vision and loved working there.

Our first course was our appetizer, Papedeaux Peppers. Papedeaux Peppers They were divine.  They were peppers stuffed with either feta, blue cheese, or goats cheese with chives, and topped with a piece of crisp bacon.  It melted in your mouth and the peppers we a nice sweet balance to the strong flavors of the cheeses. 

Second course was our salads.  They have a wide range of salads.  My husband chose a beet salad and I had a creamy balsamic.Creamy Balsamic Salad  Once again the blending of flavors was perfect.            

So far my dining experience was heaven.  I could hardly wait for the next course.  

Bella Vista has only been open since October, and talking to the staff, they say that every night they have a full house.  I can see why.  The atmosphere is welcoming and energetic, the staff is friendly, and the food is amazing.

My main course was Lobster Fettuccine.   The gluten free version of this ended up with penne pasta instead of fettuccine, but all pasta really is the same it is just different shapes, so for me this really did not change the experience I had, after all it was LOBSTER!!! Lobster Fettuccine

Then the very best for last, dessert, after all that is the whole point of the meal, right, to lead up to the dessert.  My husband had creme brulee and I had chocolate mousse.  Once again we were not let down with the dessert as well.  A perfect way to top off the meal and our evening.

Creme brulee

Chocolate Mousse

 So, for those of my followers who live in South Easter or East Central Minnesota and want to experience a great gluten free Italian meal.  I would recommend Bella Vista.



Bella Vista Interior

Bella Vista Owners
Lisa and Jenn, Bella Vista’s Owner


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