December 7

Bacon Brussels Sprout Gratin

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Brussels SproutsBrussels sprouts were something I never tasted until I was an adult.  I think my mother didn’t like them, so it wasn’t something we ever had for dinner.  My first experience was when I was 21 and doing an internship in Australia.  I stayed with a family for a period of time while for the 2 months I was in Australia. They served it with a lamb roast(also another food I had never had).  I instantly fell in love with them.

They have a flavor similar to broccoli, but yet different. While they look like miniature cabbages, they definitely do not taste like cabbage. A few years ago I gave growing my own a try and failed epicly with a huge infestation of aphids and cabbage moth larvae.  The next year was only slightly better.  I gave up for a couple years and then tried again this year.  My oldest daughter loves them.  I was diligent with the homemade non-toxic insecticidal soap and was rewarded with a bumper crop.  So what to do with all those wonderful Brussels Sprouts?

Brussels sprout gratin

I had seen a recipe floating around on Facebook for Brussels Sprouts gratin, but I never clicked on the post.  I decided it sounded delicious and just made my own with what I thought a gratin might have in it.  If you follow me on Instagram (be.glutenfree) you probably saw pictures of the final product.  I think it turned out well and my whole family loved it.  I included bacon, which for me is like the duck tape of cooking.  So here is the recipe as I promised to my Instagram followers.



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